Today, the talented wedding Make-Up and Hair Stylist Lydia Yapp, shares her insightful thoughts and tips on how she helps brides get the perfect look on their wedding day!

Planning your big day?  Not sure what to do with your hair or makeup?  Let’s take a look at some inspirational looks that might help spark your imagination!

Firstly, when styling a bride, I usually ask them what their wedding colours are and what kind of feel they’re going for.  Most will tell me that it’s romantic, elegant, rustic, modern, or classic.  Then, based on their colour scheme and wedding theme, I’ll usually recommend colours of makeup – so my main go to’s are champagne and browns, pinks and browns, pinks/ rose/ purples, and/ or there is the occasional classic white and black smokey eye.  The look and amount of smokiness in the eyes totally depend on the bride’s comfort level.

I will always advise, the darker the better for photos.  We lose about 30% of the makeup in outdoor photos…and wearing a white/pale dress will wash you out considerably.







For hair, almost every hairstyle I did had some sort of braid or twist incorporated into it!  It’s a beautiful way to bring texture and interest into the hair.  It’s not as structured and a little bit more loose and romantic feeling.  When the hair has some sort of highlights or dimension to it, the braid or twist really pops out in the hair!

I’ll also always ask if they want their hair up, down, or half up.  Usually if it’s a hot humid and/or windy weather, I will usually recommend having it up so it’s out of the way of the face when taking photos…and it’s out of the way when you’re eating too!  Having it half up or down is beautiful too, just be weary of the environment you’re in…

Whatever you end up choosing for your wedding, just know that trends will come and go.  Choose whatever you feel is right for you in your heart, just like you chose your partner…. you will know what is right for you!