Romance in the Rockies

Jarett and Jezelle met when they kept bumping into each other at a local sports bar cheering for their favourite hockey team, the Oilers. It took Jarett three tries to get Jezelle’s number but when she finally gave it, they texted daily for a month before finally going on their first date – an Oilers hockey game, of course! Their love of sports, adventures, and family brought them together.

They’ve traveled to Jamaica, New York, plus a 7-week trip to South East Asia before getting married.
Jarett was originally planning a sweet proposal in the mountains while going on a hike with their dogs. Three weeks before, Jezelle found their then mischievous 6-month old puppy chewing on a blue Tacori box that he had accidentally found. It ended up being the perfect time to propose as they got to spend the rest of December 2014 celebrating their engagement with family and friends.

Their wedding theme was class and elegance. It ended up not only becoming a dream come true but a great wedding celebration shared by family and friends!

Justine Milton

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