Magnificent Day in Maui

Krista and Randor got engaged on the beach in San Diego. They were alone on the semi-private beach where Randor had set up a sign with Krista’s nickname, “K-dawg” in the middle of the beach. That’s where Rando proposed and Krista said “Yes!” What Krista didn’t know is that Randor had also hired a Mariachi band to jump out and surprise her after the proposal. Unfortunately, the only place for the band to hide was behind a building more than 50 feet away. So after the proposal, they got to watch the band frantically scrambling towards them for a private serenade. Quite hilarious! Randor had also flown his friend Zaw out to film the entire thing so they have the memory on tape.

Krista and Randor got married in Maui, on the beach at the 5 Palms Restaurant. What was absolutely amazing to them is the amount of friends and family who traveled all the way there to celebrate with them (over 75 guests). Krista and Randor love all of their guests so much and can’t express what their love and support means to them.

Buffy Goodman Photography

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