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An Elegant Affair

Daniel and Carmen met online in April 2014. After a few back-and-forth exchanges, the two finally met on their first date at a local bowling alley! Despite the landslide victory in favor of Carmen (of course), the two still had an amazing time and enjoyed many laughs later in the evening over food and drinks. That night seemed to have a lasting first impression on both Daniel and Carmen, as their romance soon led to picnics at the park, movie nights, a trip to Hawaii, raising a young puppy, and even the purchase of their first home!

A year into their relationship, Daniel knew that Carmen was the woman he wanted to be with forever and began discretely saving up for an engagement ring. After months of saving and coming up with excuses for being unusually frugal, Daniel decided it was finally time to put his heart on the line. Daniel proposed in June 2016 on a sunset walk around the park.

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