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A Surprise Proposal

Leanne and Rylan met in Leanne’s hometown when Rylan came down with his friend for a visit. Rylan’s friend and Leanne’s friend were dating at the time, and that’s when the magic started…

An Elegant Affair

Daniel and Carmen met online in April 2014. After a few back-and-forth exchanges, the two finally met on their first date at a local bowling alley! Despite the landslide victory in favor of Carmen (of course), the two still had an amazing time and enjoyed many laughs later in the evening over food and drinks…

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Super Chic & Modern

The story begins with two people leading very separate lives. Jessica had just moved to Calgary in the summer of 2013 after completing her schooling. Meanwhile, Mike had created a life for himself in Calgary, having been there for 8 years after moving from Winnipeg.  After a couple of months in the city…

Magnificent Day in Maui

Krista and Randor got engaged on the beach in San Diego.  They were alone on the semi-private beach where Randor had set up a sign with Krista’s nickname, “K-dawg” in the middle of the beach.  That’s where Rando proposed and Krista said “Yes!”  What Krista didn’t know is…

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Romance in the Rockies

Jarett and Jezelle met when they kept bumping into each other at a local sports bar cheering for their favourite hockey team, the Oilers. It took Jarett three tries to get Jezelle’s number but when she finally gave it…

Classy Champagne Wedding

Therese and Raynel met through mutual friends, and dated for a couple of years in high school. This was quite a feat for two young people who didn’t drive. Therese lived on the north side of the city and attended Archbishop Macdonald School, and Raynel lived on the south side attending Holy Trinity High School.

Therese and Raynel went their separate ways…

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Love Is Bliss

Claudia and Steven first noticed each other In Biology 10 in High School. Steven sat at the front of the classroom and Claudia sat in the back. Claudia and Steven knew of each other but they didn’t start talking until Grade 12 when they went out together with a group of mutual friends. Shortly after that…

Love Takes Flight

Andrew and Emily have known each other since Junior High – they were rivals in the annual school art competition back then, but it wasn’t until a few years later that we became good friends. In their first year of university, Andrew surprised Emily with her favourite flowers – and she surprised him (and herself) with…

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