Kate Spade-inspired Wedding

Back in 1995, little boy Aleck met little girl Vicki in their elementary school. They were classmates for 6 years before they moved to different high schools, different cities, and even different countries…. Aleck and Vicki reconnected at a school reunion event in China in summer 2006, Aleck went back to Australia after that summer vacation and Vicki has already decided to come to Canada in 2007.

Although apart, they connected by phone, messenger, email…they were each other’s best friend. Finally, Aleck flew across the pacific and join Vicki in Edmonton.
Six years later, Aleck knew it was pretty serious. He invited all their best friends and surprisingly proposed to her when she was shopping at West Edmonton Mall.  He asked her to be his forever.
On a fine summer day in a beautiful garden, Aleck and Vicki exchange their vows in front of Aleck and Vicki’s parents and best friends. It was their best day so far, and they believe even better days will come.
 Winter Lotus Photography
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The fun Vicki and Aleck married at the lovely Con Boland Gardens, and celebrated their reception at the scenic Windermere Golf Course in Edmonton, Alberta.

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