Pretty in Paris

#7 is Kris and Antonette’s favorite number.  Antonette was born on the 7th day of November and Kris had always played sports with a #7 jersey.  The 2 first laid eyes on each other in a basketball tournament in Grade nine.  At that time, Antonette, along with her girlfriends, was a manager of her school’s senior basketball team.  Kris played a guard for his school’s basketball team.  Kris’ #7 jersey, ridiculously good looks, and athletic talent definitely got Antonette’s attention.  But they were young and immature then and it was just simply infatuation.  They didn’t think they’d see each other again.  On the summer after graduating from middle school, their paths crossed again during a Heritage Days Festival in Hawrelak Park.  A common friend first introduced them to each other.  Kris and Antonette were both very shy and that was all there was that day—an introduction.

The month passed and high school started.  Kris and Antonette were excited to see each other registering in the same school.  They were also in the same Math, Gym, and Science class.  During that time, Antonette had the biggest crush on him, but so did more of a handful of girls in Grade 10 and older.  She fondly remembers sitting by their condo balcony listening to sappy music and thinking she is going to marry Kristoffer one day.  But she was silly like that and always thought that way with her other crushes.  Little did she know then that she really would marry Kris one day!

Antonette’s sister, who stood as her Maid of Honor, remembers dropping Antonette off at Olive Garden for a friend’s birthday.  She saw Kris in the parking lot; pointing at him she said “What about him? He’s cute, why don’t you like him?” Antonette responded, “Oh him!  Eeew he’s arrogant and full of himself!”  Eventually, Kris kept falling deeper and deeper into friend zone and Antonette became unavailable.

After high school graduation, Kris held a BBQ event in Hawrelak Park.  It was then when Antonette started to feel something again.  She was impressed by how nice and fun he was to be around.  He cheered her up and made her laugh again.  But he was a friend and Antonette did not want to ruin that friendship by jumping into something.

A sad time in Kris’ family was the passing of one of his favorite cousins.  This caused Kris to find comfort in Antonette.  They talked for hours on the phone.  Antonette saw his soul.  It was not the same conceited Kris that she talked with in the past.  She was falling for him!

In 2004, on the 7th day of the fifth month in Hawrelak Park, Kris formally asked Antonette to be his girlfriend.  On September 7, 2012 Kris proposed, again in Hawrelak Park.  Ten years after 2004, they exchanged vows on the fifth day of the 7th month.  Both could not be happier! Finally they were husband and wife!


Picture That Photography


Antonette and Kris married at the Tucker Amphitheatre. They celebrated with a fancy Paris-themed reception at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta.

They're very quick to respond to e-mails, they address your concerns immediately, and they show that they really care about their clients. I love their enthusiasm! You can really feel their passion for their craft. - Antonette and Kris

Story Weddings helped us with partial planning of our wedding and made the entire process easy, fun and stress free. We didn't have to worry about one thing on our wedding day and everything was absolutely perfect! It was the best decision we made! - Jessica & Dawson

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