A Magnificent Day

Danielle and Tim first met as opponents on the dodgeball court in a fierce Monday night game between “Dodgeball Rampage” and “The Game of Throws”.  Danielle was nervous playing in her first season of competitive dodgeball and while Tim’s team came out the victors, Danielle definitely left an impression on him with her fun, friendly and bubbly personality.  He enjoyed hanging out with her at the traditional post game festivities at Argyll Boston Pizza, a spot where you can find several local dodgeballers on any given weeknight.  Danielle and Tim later crossed paths in the winter at a friends house party, where she again peaked his interest in trying to find a way to get to know her better.  The perfect opportunity arose when Tim volunteered captain a team in the draft for the Spring Dodgeball Tournament put on by the ESSC, the sports club where Danielle was currently working.

In the second round of the draft, the female players were disappearing quickly.  Tim couldn’t risk missing the opportunity of having Danielle on his team, so he made the gut call and drafted her in the second round.  This rose the eyebrows of a couple of the other captains in the draft, possibly suspecting that Tim may have ulterior motives in his selection.  The tournament quickly approached and the two had fun in Facebook conversations planning costumes and pumping up the team for a fun, action filled day.  The tournament was a blast, and while they did not win, they enjoyed getting to know each other better over the course of the day.  With some encouragement from friends, Danielle initiated further text conversations between the two.  Following the tournament, Tim had consecutive trips to Los Angeles, Cuba and Kelowna, but promised Danielle that he would take her out as soon as he returned.

Upon his return at the end of April, Tim very quickly and eagerly tried to find a night that Danielle would be free.  Both were incredibly nervous, but they had a wonderful evening at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, followed by a stroll and gelato on Whyte ave, and capped off by an appearance at a mutual dodgeball friend’s birthday party.  By all accounts, the date was a great success, as over the course of the next two years, the two played endless games of dodgeball, moved in together, made many friends, travelled to Calgary, Los Angeles, Banff, Jasper, Hawaii, Victoria, New York and fell in love with each other more and more every single day.

After a couple weeks of dating, Danielle and Tim discovered that they had crossed paths a couple of years prior.  Tim captained a floor hockey team in the Edmonton Sport and Social Club at the time when Danielle had first started working in customer service.  There were a couple of “rowdy” players on Tim’s team, which resulted in a bit of friction with one of the other teams in the league.  After a couple of games that the referee deemed a bit too chippy, Danielle had the pleasure of notifying Tim’s team that they would be removed from the ESSC for the balance of the season.  Even after kicking Danielle kicked Tim out of the ESSC (he claims unjustifiably) he had a big enough heart to look past this and ask her to marry him a few years later.


Curtis Round Photography


Danielle and Tim were married at the Magrath Mansion. They celebrated their reception overlooking the gorgeous greens of the Quarry Golf Course in Edmonton, Alberta.

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