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A Contemporary Wedding

Cindy was away for 2 weeks in early December, which allowed Vic time to plan his proposal. What did he do? He staged a scavenger hunt with friends. Anthony sent out an email to everyone suggesting a fun scavenger hunt that a friend had done. The day of, the group met for dim sum and Anthony added a surprise twist, “No couples.” Cindy automatically paired herself with CB, but Anthony had already “randomly” arranged pairs. Luckily Cindy was paired with CB and off they went! The first part of the scavenger hunt took place at City Hall… OUTSIDE (the entire scavenger hunt was outside). This was the last place Cindy saw Vic and she assumed he was cheating for the rest of the hunt. The second part took place in Old Strathcona on Calgary Trail. Meanwhile Cindy was left behind as she was distracted by Santa and sleigh rides…

After a long silence Vic couldn’t take it anymore and said, “The last clue isn’t actually in this part of the museum, it’s in the other part.” “What? There’s ANOTHER part to this museum?” replied Cindy and followed Vic who lead her to the hangar. The Hangar was empty and dark, and memories of the day they met finally made Cindy realize that this wasn’t an actual scavenger hunt and she began to tear up. “Do you remember this place?” Vic asked. “No!” said Cindy through tears. Vic then led Cindy to the centre of the hangar, said some sweet words, got down on one knee and said, “I have a question I want to ask you… Do you want a hot dog?” *silence* Then the lights came on. Vic asked the real question and Cindy nodded.

Elaine Green Photographer



Cindy and Victor had a gorgeous ceremony at the Edmonton Petroleum Club, followed by a stunning reception overlooking the river valley at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, AB.

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SW&E was a pleasure to work with - always full of excitement and positiveness! - Colena & Charles

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